Raphaël Buquet

welcome message

Hello! I am a game developer in Leamington Spa. I am passionate about creating amazing digital experiences with creative people.

I write the code that brings our ideas to life!

Let's have a look at my personal projects:

2019 - 2022
Personal project - Team of 10+ people

Restitched is a 2.5D UGC platformer game. It is made by the wonderful team at Trixel Creative.

The game is under development. Here are a few of the things I was working on as lead programmer of the project:

  • Building upon my previous experience in making games in Unity in C#
  • Building a scalable level creation system to handle level loading/saving (serialisation) as well as real-time multiplayer collaboration over the network
  • Adding UGC-friendly fast voxel lighting on top of Unity's standard shading
  • Implementing a rich, unique and memorable UI experience
  • Collaborating with a remote, highly creative team to iterate on ideas and bring our collective vision to life!
  • Improving the team's coding standards to put an emphasis on modular systems that can be easily put together for rapid prototyping and which are more easily tested
Restitched screenshot

Restitched is a hugely exciting project, which helped me develop my teamwork as well as communication skills, and learn more about programming systems, UI and shaders.


2017 - 2019
Personal project

My first game, HiddenFridges! It's multiplayer hide and seek for PC. Great fun with friends!

  • 3D game made with Unity in C#
  • Networking with Gamesparks (server backend in Javascript)
  • Nice-looking animated UI menus in Unity
  • Simple, classic shader effects (gaussian blur, glowing effects...)
  • Networking: custom world state synchronisation

This was a great first experience, I touched on a lot of different exciting subjects and learnt the basics. I also made a lot of beginner mistakes from which I learnt.

The game is RELEASED and available for download on the website!

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But it's not the end, right?

See you around!